Ellexus is the I/O Profiling Company.

Cut compute and storage bottlenecks

Our tools can improve the performance of your cluster by up to 30%.

Build I/O profiling into your compute infrastructure to reduce bottlenecks, scale rapidly and make sure your applications are using your storage as they should. Only with Ellexus.

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Why should I profile I/O?

Are you an I/O profiling nerd like us? You should be.

Bad I/O patterns can harm shared storage and limit application performance significantly. Many organisations waste millions in lost engineering time and under-utilised hardware.

Big data is getting bigger, big compute power is getting faster; now is the time to care about how your applications access programs, libraries and files on local and shared file systems.

Do you already measure compute and memory performance? Did you know that some I/O problems such as small I/Os can increase CPU utilisation and look like a completely different problem?

Protect. Balance. Optimise.

What our tools provide

  • Always-on monitoring – protect your storage in real time
  • Application performance management – monitor and optimise applications
  • End-to-end visibility – from start to finish, drill down into your application’s activity
  • Dependency analysis – discover all the files and libraries you need
  • Bottleneck detection – stop noisy neighbours from stealing your bandwidth
  • Cross-platform support – Cloud or on-premise, Ellexus’ tools are storage and compute platform agnostic

Who is using our I/O tools?


Mistral runs in real time across an entire compute cluster. It monitors application I/O and I/O performance across a...
Optimise your HPC applications by making better use of your shared file system. Breeze analyses how your...
We’ve combined the analytics from our I/O profiling product suites with our expertise in good I/O to create a new tool: Breeze Healthcheck.
Generate a simple, quick report on the I/O performance of the applications within your Docker container

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