Customer testimonials

Triaging deployment issues

"With one email communication Breeze revealed that all the libraries were loaded correctly."

Simon Cross

Global Customer Services at Ansys

Finding rogue applications

"Mistral allows the infrastructure team to find and prevent bad I/O patterns and gives us a lot more information to learn from."

Olly Stephens

HPC Systems Architect at Arm

87% performance gain!

"Breeze gives good detailed I/O information so I only needed to make a few changes to improve runtime."

Ahmed Ismail

Software Engineer at Mentor Graphics

Products and solutions

for developers, HPC users and system architects

Mistral System telemetry and scalable I/O profiling

Mistral is a continuous analytics platform for HPC and cloud. Mistral monitors application I/O patterns in real time to locate system bottlenecks and rogue applications. Protect shared storage by finding bad I/O patterns quickly. Keep tabs on cloud resource usage.

Breeze Detailed I/O profiling and dependency analysis

Breeze lets you solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies quickly. With detailed data for storage exports and summary reports for sharing, Breeze makes every engineer an I/O expert by identifying good and bad I/O for easy wins.

Cloud migration Automate your go-to-cloud strategy

Application migration takes an average of 15 weeks - cut that down to days by resolving application dependencies and automatically containerising workloads. Cut costs by understanding I/O patterns and sizing the storage correctly.

Hybrid cloud Take control of flexible compute with cross-platform telemetry

Ensure that applications run on the right platform with cloud-agnostic telemetry that lets you compare on-premise and cloud performance. Hold users accountable with automatic chargeback.