About Us

Ellexus is the I/O profiling company. Our application profiling and monitoring tools are unique. Not only can they be run on a live compute cluster to protect you from rogue jobs and noisy neighbours, they make cloud migration easy and give you the ability to scale rapidly.

We don’t just give you data about what your programs are doing; our tools include expertise on what is going wrong and how you can fix it.

Our system- and storage-agnostic tools provide end-to-end visibility into exactly what your applications and users are up to. Never fall prey to ‘file not found’ again.

We work across many high-performance and scientific computing sectors, including the semiconductor industry, life sciences, bioinformatics, finance and oil and gas.

Ellexus is based at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK, the home of a large number of well-known technology companies. This location gives us access to world-class scientists and engineering talent and the space to grow.

The Ellexus leadership team



Rosemary – Chief Executive Officer

Dr Rosemary Francis is the founder and CEO of Ellexus. Rosemary obtained her PhD in Computer Architecture from the Cambridge University Computer Lab after studying computer science at Newnham. After working in the chip design industry, Rosemary founded Ellexus to help manage the complex tool chains needed for semiconductor design and the company  has evolved ever since.

Rosemary is on the board of IdeaSpace, is a member of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and is a frequent speaker at IEEE and Cambridge University. She is often asked to speak on panels at business events around the world, most recently being flown to Zagreb, Croatia to be the keynote speaker at a British Council event focused on women and entrepreneurship. Rosemary has also frequently represented the Cambridge start-up community at high-profile meetings, such as providing advice on innovation to then-Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014 and to delegates from the Dutch government in 2015.

Felicity Pitchers

Felicity – Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Felicity has been a Director at Ellexus since 2010 and joined the team full time as COO in April 2015. She oversees partnerships with other companies, as well as all the internal workings of Ellexus.

Felicity is also an experienced editor, journalist and communications manager, having worked on a variety of business magazines and in communications departments both nationally and internationally. At Ellexus she brings an outward-looking view to the table and pushes our standards ever higher.


John  – Finance Director

John qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1977. He founded Lindeyer Francis Ferguson, Chartered Accountants, and was senior partner for many years. He continues part time as a consultant following recent retirement. John does a good deal of work with the charitable and not-for-profit sector, and was one of the first to be awarded the Diploma in Charity Accounting. He is Chairman of Canford Group plc, another long-established association, so brings 40 years of business experience to Ellexus. His love of music shapes his involvement in the community; he is a Parish Councillor, a choirmaster, Vice-Chairman of The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society and Managing Director of its subsidiary, Albion Records.