And Mistral is off!

On 3 August Ellexus released a prototype of our new Mistral tool to our development partners, who including ARM, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and Synopsys.

Sending out a freshly wrapped new release is always exciting, but the interest we have received so far in Mistral made this even more so.

As a load tool for balancing shared storage on clusters with varying capacity, Mistral is now being put to the test in the different environments of our development partners. The first step for Mistral is to monitor application IO and IO performance across the cluster to identify rogue jobs – next will come the throttling of those problem jobs.

Now the prototype has left our engineers’ hands, the team is working hard on the next stages of development. Ellexus’ aim is to reach full production by the end of the year.

We are still inviting HPC organisations to become a development partner over the next few months, to evaluate early releases and help us hone this unique technology. Find out more about Mistral on our products page and if you’d like to discuss becoming a partner get in touch with Rosemary at