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Red Nose Day

Friday 24th March was Red Nose Day in the UK, a day to raise money for Comic Relief. As usual, the Ellexus team joined in with much enthusiasm. The team all put on their baking hats and each baked a Malteaser-themed cakes, as Malteaser donated £5 for

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IBM reference architecture version one: Mistral and RTM

Ellexus has been working with IBM to put together a reference architecture with Mistral and the Spectrum Compute and Storage product suites. Rosemary presented the first version of this at IBM Edge and at Super Computing this year with good reception. The idea is to use Mistral

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Ellexus! Our prize for best costume goes to our lead developer Paul, who came in to the office dressed as an immigration enforcement officer. Like 90% of our staff, he wasn’t born in the UK either.

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Profiling genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute

Optimising genome pipelines is in all of our interests – 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will get cancer at some point in their lifetime, according to Cancer Research UK. It’s a race against time to find cures. However, given that each cancer sample generates around

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Ellexus offers commercial support for XALT

Ellexus has widened its product expertise by adding commercial support for XALT. XALT is a tool that allows supercomputer support staff to collect and understand job-level information about the libraries and executables that end-users access during their jobs. The tool also works with a system’s module software to

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