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Video: The 10 commandments of good I/O

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is good I/O? You might have a rough idea, but there are several foolproof steps you can take to speed up performance. Ellexus CEO Rosemary gave the following talk at an IBM Spectrum Scale event in London: The 10 Commandments of

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What Ellexus learned at Rice Oil & Gas

The Ellexus bods have been jetting off again: last week several members of our team headed to the 2018 Rice Oil & Gas HPC conference in Houston. This is an event we’ve attended several times, and there are always some interesting take-aways to report. Here’s our quick

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Case study: Debugging a customer support issue

Sometimes, you might need to debug a problem for a colleague or other remote team. One of our customers uses Breeze to work remotely with his own customers. Read on for details about how he uses Breeze to trace a problem with lost jobs. Customer case study:

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Video: I/O profiling as a service

For most customers Mistral is deployed in production to find bottlenecks and detect applications with really bad I/O patterns. However, Mistral can also be integrated into continuous integration and test frameworks as a service. This allows users and developers to opt-in for more detailed I/O profiling data.

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Act now before dependencies lead workflows astray

Breeze can give you a list of all the files, network connections, programs and libraries that an application or workflow uses. This is a very powerful tool for preventing problems, but all too often it’s only used when a program goes wrong or when migrating an application

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