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AWS partner event: HPC in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Ellexus CEO and founder Dr Rosemary Francis will be giving a joint presentation with the Sanger Institute at the upcoming Amazon Web Services conference for Healthcare and Life Sciences involved in HPC. The talk is titled: ‘Accelerating cloud-based genomics pipelines through I/O profiling for analysis of over

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I/O profiling and system telemetry for Singularity containers

The use of containers in high performance computing is growing, particularly Singularity. Developers need to work in reproducible environments that they design themselves and move from platform to platform. However, the faster the super computer, the more problems can arise if the contents are not performing as they

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Optimising DNA sequencing pipelines in the New Pipeline Group at the Sanger Institute

As a forerunner in the world’s fight against cancer and genetic diseases, the Sanger Institute also has to be a trendsetter in the field of High-Performance Computing. To this end, the institute uses a wide variety of tools to profile and optimise their genome pipelines, including Ellexus

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Can we use machine learning to learn about machines?

This blog was originally published on InsideHPC.  AI and machine learning are hot words at the moment in many sectors. We’re all very aware just how much a company can predict about us by plugging information into a cunning algorithm and there are thousands of start-ups racing

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Creating a bill of materials: Why tracking application file and network dependencies is so important

Hardware configuration

I was recently asked whether it was possible to work out which resources will be used by an application before it runs. In theory, it is not possible to do that without solving the halting problem, but in real life applications often do the same thing over

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