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Profiling genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute

Sadly,1 in 2 people born after 1960 will get cancer at some point in their lifetime, according to Cancer Research UK. Carrying out genome projects to find cures is a necessity. However, given that each cancer sample generates around 250GB after initial processing, the storage involved in

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Ellexus offers commercial support for XALT

Ellexus has widened its product expertise by adding commercial support for XALT. XALT is a tool that allows supercomputer support staff to collect and understand job-level information about the libraries and executables that end-users access during their jobs. The tool also works with a system’s module software to

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The emergence of software defined storage

There seems to be no slowing in the growth of resource requirements for data-intensive applications in domains such as genome sequencing. As a result, a new way to group tools has emerged: software defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions. SDI handles the offering and provision of resources through software,

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Ellexus heads to Bengaluru with EMC Isilon and ARM

In July/August, Rosemary travelled to India and Taiwan alongside EMC and ARM for an EMC EDA user group event. First up on the itinerary: Bengaluru. Rosemary and the other speakers all had to brave the traffic to get to the event – Bengaluru is famous for bad

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Industry petabytes revealed

At a GPFS user group meeting in London, hosted by IBM, presenters surveyed attendees about the number of petabytes of storage they have, their daily usage (terabytes/day) and their number of admins. Though clearly not a huge pool, the group was large enough to provide some enlightening

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