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Check your containers with Healthcheck

Even if you have packaged an application that works well, it’s still possible to introduce I/O problems in the way a program is deployed. This is why it’s important to check your containers. The tools from Ellexus can tell you what you need to include in a

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Mistral on mixed compute architectures

Although many clusters have applications running directly on compute nodes and accessing the storage via a specialised client, many compute environments don’t look like this. You will soon be able to wrap up the Ganesha NFS server or the Samba SMB server with our technology. This means

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How to monitor applications on Openstack

Openstack is a powerful platform for orchestrating your cloud environment and many of our customers are taking a look at it. However, to run OpenStack at scale it’s critical to have adequate monitoring in place. It’s simple to inject Mistral into Linux virtual machines via the cloud_init

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White paper: Maximising HPC performance on AWS public cloud

Ellexus and Alces Flight have jointly released a white paper titled ‘Maximising HPC performance on AWS public cloud’. The growth of cloud computing alongside on-premise clusters has been rapid. This migration is throwing up unforeseen challenges and uncovering bottlenecks that are impacting on performance. Never has it

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New output logging plug-ins for Mistral

Recently we’ve been working on writing some new output logging plug-ins for Mistral. For those of you who don’t know, Mistral is designed with an API to allow our customers to push log data out to a reporting system of their choice. We provide several sample plug-ins

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