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Continuous integration: Why I/O profiling should be part of your test suite

We are often approached by customers who have an I/O issue in the field. Of course we can help them to fix problems as they come up, but it’s so much better to prevent them from affecting your end users in the first place. As datasets get

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Ellexus Container Checker launches on AWS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that a shiny new tool from Ellexus is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Ellexus Container Checker is a pioneering cloud-based tool that provides visibility into the inner workings of Docker containers. It’s our first tool aimed directly at cloud computing

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Mistral, Breeze and Darshan: what’s the difference?

Ellexus is the I/O profiling company and we are often asked how our tools compare to Darshan. Darshan is a popular open source tool for profiling MPI I/O in high performance computing environments. In this comparison we look at some of the benefits of Darshan and how

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Video: Using I/O stats in Breeze to uncover inefficient I/O operations

Inefficient I/O operations can be a real drag. If an application is being particularly inefficient, it can grind to a halt or fail to work at all in a new environment. Many people find that identifying bad I/O patterns and carrying out some tuning can save up

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Video: Discovering rogue jobs with Mistral

How often are users of your compute cluster brought to a stop by someone else’s catastrophe? Which jobs could tip your shared storage over the edge? Previously, it has been very difficult to identify which jobs are causing havoc across your compute cluster. This is why we

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