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Tracing technology: ltrace and strace

We are often asked if our I/O profiling tools use ltrace or strace under the hood. In fact, they use a different way to intercept file and network I/O called LD_PRELOAD. LD_PRELOAD can be faster and more flexible, but is much harder to get right. However, if

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InsideHPC slidecast featuring Ellexus Container Checker

In this slidecast published on InsideHPC, Ellexus CEO Rosemary Francis describes our new Ellexus Container Checker, a pioneering cloud-based tool that provides visibility into the inner workings of Docker containers. As well as presenting how the tool works, Rosemary takes part in a Q&A to give even

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What SMEs should consider when looking to the cloud

Moving storage to a cloud platform often sounds more straightforward as a concept than in reality. Particularly if you’re an SME, you don’t want to overspend or sign up for a contract that provides storage that you simply won’t use. As an SME ourselves, we’ve had a

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Video: Stop overloading storage with bad I/O!

Amid the hustle and bustle of SC17, Ellexus software developer Eric Martin took the time to do a presentation on the DDN booth about how to stop overloading storage with bad I/O. Accessing file systems and networked data inefficiently harms shared storage and limits application performance. In

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When POSIX I/O meets exascale, do the old rules apply?

In response to an excellent article by Glenn Lockwood from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Ellexus CEO Rosemary contributed an article on POSIX I/O and exascale to The Next Platform. Read an extract of the article below and find the full piece on The Next Platform. First

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