Breeze is now available on Amazon Marketplace

As the high performance computing (HPC) world is moving gradually to embrace the cloud, we are moving with it. Ellexus Breeze is now available on Amazon Marketplace.

By allowing our customers to access Breeze in the cloud, we are continuing our work to assist the development of hybrid cloud models of storage. The Ellexus tools such as Breeze can help an organisation to develop a go-to-cloud strategy and, once you’re in the cloud, ensure that everything is working is at should.


Breeze provides an easy way to solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies for cloud migration quickly. Breeze makes every engineer an I/O expert by identifying good and bad I/O for easy wins. It provides detailed data for storage experts and summary reports for sharing.

Read more about how to create dataflows for the cloud, rather than workflows, using Breeze to help you.

Get in touch to learn more about Breeze about how we can help you to develop your hybrid cloud cluster and go-to-cloud strategy.

Visit Amazon Marketplace to purchase Breeze or speak to us directly for more licensing options.