Case study: Comparing programs on different machines

The problem:

One of our customers couldn’t work out why a program stopped working on one of their servers, but not the others.

Comparing programs on different machines

The solution:

Breeze can compare two programs from different machines or different users. You can quickly find out what is different about a machine that is causing you problems.

Once the program names have been matched you can compare program arguments, environments, network connections, read files or even what they do over time.

In this case the customer traced the program on a working machine as well as on the problem machine. When they compared the results in Breeze, they saw that they were sourcing different Perl libraries.

The result:

Some weeks previously, someone had accidentally updated the Perl installation on one of the machines. They were able to find the problem with Breeze, even though they didn’t know their build had Perl dependencies.