Case study:

Using Breeze for customer service

The problem:

One of our customers had a problem with their customers. Their customers kept seeing a tool error that indicated that the wrong arguments were being passed into the tool. They were sure that they arguments were right, they even sent screen shots to prove what they were typing on the command line.

Customer service

The solution:

You can trace programs outside of Breeze using the script in Breeze-trace-only and import the results in afterwards. This makes it easy to trace programs remotely or on machines without graphics.

Our licensing systems lets you trace anything anywhere and load it into Breeze later. This means you can use Breeze for customer services or pre-sales installation problems.

In this case, our customer asked their customer to trace the tool with Breeze and send him the results. It was a complex set of scripts and programs so he compared it with a run that he’d made in-house. He saw that there was an extra wrapper script calling the tool in question. This wrapper script had a bug and was messing up the arguments and causing the error.

The result:

Using Breeze he was able to see the problem and tell them how to fix it. It saved him a lot of time and an on-site visit.