Case study:

Resolving library dependency problems

The problem:

Breeze customer Ansys was liaising with a customer. A tool wouldn’t start at the customer’s site because of library problems, but Ansys didn’t know which one was missing or wrong. The application is buried deep inside a scripted flow so it is hard to get meaningful errors out.

Library dependencies

The solution:

Ansys traced the whole flow with Breeze and located the program that wouldn’t start in the graph view.

In Breeze, double clicking on the program to “show arguments and environment” will open up a dialog that also shows you loaded libraries and library errors.

We bought Breeze to help us to diagnose problems caused by missing dependencies at customer sites. These kinds of problems are easy to recognize, but time-consuming to resolve without the visibility that Breeze gives us.

Breeze allows us to trace our applications at customer sites, making it easy to look up which libraries have been found and which ones are missing. I was impressed with what it showed us and the time it will save us in troubleshooting these sorts of issues.

Simon Cross, Manager – Global Installation & Licensing Support, ANSYS

The result:

Using Breeze Ansys could clearly see which libraries were missing and helped the customer to fix the problem.