Case study:

Tracing scripts

The problem:

One of our customers was running a complex simulation controlled by an in-house scripted flow. They were constantly getting an error that didn’t make sense given the settings they were using.

Tracing scripts

The solution:

Breeze traces programs as they run. To trace a program simply try “trace” followed by your command into the Breeze commandline.

Breeze shows scripts and program call hierarchy in the graph. Scripts are shown in blue and programs are in orange.

You can see in this graph, that ‘firefox’ is actually an alias for a script. It calls two other scripts and some system programs before calling the real firefox program.

By clicking on a program you can see what it did. Breeze shows you which files have been read as well as what it failed to open.

The result:

After tracing simulation with Breeze, the customer found that their scripts were picking up the wrong simulation tool. They had five versions installed and one of the configuration variables was incorrect.

They fixed the script and were back up and running in minutes.