Case study: Debugging a customer support issue

Sometimes, you might need to debug a problem for a colleague or other remote team. One of our customers uses Breeze to work remotely with his own customers.

Read on for details about how he uses Breeze to trace a problem with lost jobs.

Customer case study: Debugging a customer support issue

By Applications Engineer, US engineering software company

I was called to debug a tricky problem for a customer, whose test jobs submitted onto a queuing system were being lost. The engineer was unable to find out why the jobs were lost, and the flow was too complicated for any one person to understand the process.

Since our software was the engineer’s entry point into the flow, I was tasked with resolving the issue.

By using Ellexus Breeze to trace the flow, even across the queuing system, I was able to demonstrate that our software was behaving correctly. With further analysis of the Breeze logs, we were able to identify that the missing jobs had in fact been killed by the queue system for having exceeded their memory quota.

This may sound simple, but the client’s legacy flow involved thousands of script calls, and had no diagnostics or support. Without Breeze we stood little chance of finding where the fault was.

A further bonus was the trace-only capability in Breeze, allowing my customer to trace the flow and then obfuscate the sensitive information in the trace files to hide confidential project names before sending the traces to us for analysis.

The support from the Ellexus team was first class and I plan to use Breeze on future support cases.