Breeze case study

Optimising DNA sequencing pipelines in the New Pipeline Group at the Sanger Institute

As a forerunner in the world’s fight against cancer and genetic diseases, the Sanger Institute also has to be a trendsetter in the field of High-Performance Computing. To this end, the institute uses a wide variety of tools to profile and optimise their genome pipelines, including Ellexus

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Creating a bill of materials: Why tracking application file and network dependencies is so important

Hardware configuration

I was recently asked whether it was possible to work out which resources will be used by an application before it runs. In theory, it is not possible to do that without solving the halting problem, but in real life applications often do the same thing over

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How to improve write performance for machine learning on AWS – by 4x!

This blog has been put together by Ellexus CEO Dr Rosemary Francis, Gaurav Kaul, Professional Services Senior Consultant HPC at AWS and Dario LaPorta, Senior Consultant HPC at AWS. A customer of AWS wanted to scale their machine learning workload to hundreds of thousands of machine instances.

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