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Dawn with BIOS IT on Wall Street

In New York, we had the pleasure of the Boston Ltd financial computing team – BIOS IT at the Linux on Wall Street conference on High Performance Computing. With jet lag helping the early start, we were greeted by a swarm of developers, IT managers and financial

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Software migration challenges? With the right tool, its a Breeze

This entry was originally posted on the ARM and Keil Tools Blog As new ARM platforms such as micro-servers hit the market and hyper-scale computing users queue up to take advantage of the incredible 90% power and space savings[1] that these packages offer, it is surprisingly easy

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House keeping in the cloud: Why your Mum was right to make you tidy your room

At the moment there is a lot of talk for and against the cloud movement and one worry that I keep hearing about is the ‘nannying’ effect of passing your infrastructure over to a third party. Although this concern is not without justification, companies don’t get very

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