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How to integrate Breeze and Mistral with Jenkins

Mistral is a lightweight tool that can be run in production, so you can run Mistral across all your unit tests to look for bad I/O patterns. The easiest way to do that is with a wrapper script that will let you toggle Mistral on and off

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White paper: Optimising for a changing environment with Alces Flight

Genomics pipelines can be really interested to monitor from an I/O perspective. They’re normally highly tuned, but – even so – real improvements can be made that can only be uncovered through I/O profiling. We decided to team up with Alces Flight to quickly create an HPC

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Arm versions of Ellexus’ tools are here

We’re pleased to announce that we have release versions of our flagship tools Mistral, Breeze and Healthcheck on the Arm v8-A architecture. The move is part of our strategy to provide cross-platform support that gives engineers a uniform tooling experience across different hardware platforms. We have also announced

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Video: Get started with Ellexus Container Checker

Containers such as Docker containers can be a brilliant tool. But how do you know that what you’ve put inside will run in a new environment? Is the application it contains wasting time – and therefore money – carrying out bad I/O? And what does it really

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Continuous integration: Why I/O profiling should be part of your test suite

We are often approached by customers who have an I/O issue in the field. Of course we can help them to fix problems as they come up, but it’s so much better to prevent them from affecting your end users in the first place. As datasets get

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