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It’s a ‘Breeze’ with the Client Technology Solutions Group at Cadence

We have been using Breeze to solve install and config issues for our customers, but today Breeze helped me to fix a problem we encountered here in the office. My colleague, Tony, found that in any new login session on any machine, either at the console or

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Tcsh Aliases (2 of 3): Using tcsh history substitutions within aliases

Continuing our tutorial on tcsh aliases we look at combining aliases with history substitutions. Both aliases and history substitutions are useful tools, but it may not be obvious that they work well together. The tcsh man page says: After a command line is parsed into simple commands

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Tcsh Aliases (3 of 3): Automatically Resolving Aliases using tcshParser

We’ve seen how to write tcsh aliases and how using history substitution commands can transform aliases into relatively sophisticated tools. But aliases have their limitations, particularly when a command needs to be used as the input to another program. We have developed a tool called tcshParser to

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Tcsh Aliases (1 of 3): Introduction to expanding tcsh aliases and history substitutions

Although bash is the default shell on many systems, many Linux users still choose to use tcsh (the newer name for csh) because of the more powerful alias capabilities. Aliases let you create shortcuts to longer commands, which can save you time, but using them can lead

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Tracing Yocto: combining LD_PRELOAD technologies

Yocto is an open source project from the Linux Foundation that builds custom Linux distributions. It is supported by some of the big names in the computing scene, such as Intel. The build uses an LD_PRELOAD tool called Pseudo (pronounced like ‘sudo’) to simulate root user privileges

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