Whitepaper: Ellexus traffic light reports show good and bad I/O

Ellexus recently released it’s shiny new Traffic Light View for both Breeze and Mistral, including with the Healthcheck report. To help users get the most from this new way to uncover good and bad I/O, we’ve put together a whitepaper. This paper introduces how an organisation can

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Video: Mistral demo using an LSF cluster

Take a tour around Mistral: our low overhead I/O profiling tool that helps you to monitor applications and locate rogue jobs on your shared storage cluster. You can deploy Mistral across a whole cluster or profile single applications in detail. This demo uses an LSF cluster, with

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Mistral now supports the Splunk dashboard

One of the most versatile aspects of our I/O profiling tool Mistral is that the data it produces can be viewed in the way most convenient for the user. Cheerfully, we have now added support for the Splunk dashboard in Mistral. Splunk is widely used by organisations

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Profiling OpenFOAM on Oracle HPC cloud highlights key potential improvements

The software tool OpenFOAM is used extensively in the HPC sector to create simulations. It includes hundreds of applications that can be extended and customised, which means it is often used to create simulations in many industries and academic, research and scientific institutions. However, it is widely

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How to improve write performance for machine learning on AWS – by 4x!

This blog has been put together by Ellexus CEO Dr Rosemary Francis, Gaurav Kaul, Professional Services Senior Consultant HPC at AWS and Dario LaPorta, Senior Consultant HPC at AWS. A customer of AWS wanted to scale their machine learning workload to hundreds of thousands of machine instances.

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