How to improve write performance for machine learning on AWS – by 4x!

This blog has been put together by Ellexus CEO Dr Rosemary Francis and Gaurav Kaul, Professional Services Senior Consultant HPC at AWS. A customer of AWS wanted to scale their machine learning workload to hundreds of thousands of machine instances. Their goal was to download large images

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Product release: All new traffic light system to flag up the bad I/O you should care about

This week’s new release of our tools Breeze and Mistral is even more exciting than usual. The version introduces our much-anticipated new visual aid, which shows users exactly how much good, bad and average I/O their applications are doing. This new view is aimed to simplify how

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Whitepaper: Planning cloud storage for HPC and high throughput applications

Many organisations waste huge sums of money by selecting a cloud storage solution that does not match their requirements. In response, Ellexus has published a new whitepaper that examines how to select the right storage solutions. See below for an excerpt and download the full whitepaper here.

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Video: I/O profiling as a service

For most customers Mistral is deployed in production to find bottlenecks and detect applications with really bad I/O patterns. However, Mistral can also be integrated into continuous integration and test frameworks as a service. This allows users and developers to opt-in for more detailed I/O profiling data.

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Video: Implementing a fair-use policy with Mistral

Mistral’s ability to eliminate bottlenecks is one of its key uses. Many IT managers struggle to ensure that users aren’t taking up too much bandwidth, which will slow down the performance of the cluster for everyone. Watch our video to see how Mistral can set usage limits.

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