Silicon Valley case study: Catching rogue jobs before they overload shared storage

At a recent Spectrum Scale User Group meeting in Berkeley, California, Rosemary presented tales from a Silicon Valley start-up – namely, some work we’ve been doing to catch rogue drops at an admittedly huge start-up, which has been acquired by a large organisation. The company has a

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As compute power grows, optimisation is vital

New storage solutions are starting to fundamentally alter the HPC storage arena. Organisations are keen to switch to the most efficient solution, be it a cloud architecture or a new low-power offering. However, systems are not able to cope with these changes. Each architecture poses such varying

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Red Nose Day

Friday 24th March was Red Nose Day in the UK, a day to raise money for Comic Relief. As usual, the Ellexus team joined in with much enthusiasm. The team all put on their baking hats and each baked a Malteaser-themed cakes, as Malteaser donated £5 for

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Will HPC become pay-as-you-go?

The HPC industry is starting to experience a fundamental shift in the way it pays for storage. The accessibility and instant nature of cloud services are slowly changing the mindset of those who require compute clusters, making systems far more accessible for all. However, the pay-as-you-go method

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IBM reference architecture version one: Mistral and RTM

Ellexus has been working with IBM to put together a reference architecture with Mistral and the Spectrum Compute and Storage product suites. Rosemary presented the first version of this at IBM Edge and at Super Computing this year with good reception. The idea is to use Mistral

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