Whitepaper: I/O profiling to improve the storage performance at Diamond Light Source on a Univa Grid Engine cluster

No two high-performance computing (HPC) teams and architectures will ever be the same, but the team at Diamond Light Source handles a wider variety of workloads than many. Performance of both in-house and third-party applications is therefore vital, which is where I/O profiling becomes important. The Diamond

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Ellexus and AWS CloudWatch provide integrated infrastructure and application monitoring for scientific workloads and ML

Analytics are both an advantage and a necessity in the cloud. Cost management starts with the right sizing of compute and storage while the rapid prototyping enabled by hybrid cloud lets you stay ahead of the curve as applications and workloads evolve. Only by choosing the right

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Profiling Nextflow and Singularity: Scalable, reproducible scientific workflows

Containerisation is a powerful tool for encapsulating complex applications and their dependencies. They can ensure that results are reproducible and scalable. Genomic workflows are well suited to data-driven workflows, but until recently efforts to orchestrate multiple containers in a single pipeline were home grown and hard to

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