Video: The 10 commandments of good I/O

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is good I/O? You might have a rough idea, but there are several foolproof steps you can take to speed up performance. Ellexus CEO Rosemary gave the following talk at an IBM Spectrum Scale event in London: The 10 Commandments of

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Video: Implementing a fair-use policy with Mistral

Mistral’s ability to eliminate bottlenecks is one of its key uses. Many IT managers struggle to ensure that users aren’t taking up too much bandwidth, which will slow down the performance of the cluster for everyone. Watch our video to see how Mistral can set usage limits.

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White paper: Meltdown and Spectre make measuring I/O vital

Meltdown and Spectre are quickly becoming household names and not just in the HPC space. The severe design flaws in Intel microprocessors that could allow sensitive data to be stolen will have a huge impact on the semiconductor space and beyond. Read details of the “mega-gaffe” in

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Happy Christmas from everyone at Ellexus!

2017 has been an excellent year for Ellexus. We’ve welcomed new team members, launched new products and fully entered the cloud market. We have a lot planned for 2018, including new tools, new services and more ways that we can help our customers to become I/O experts.

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Our tools, migrating to Arm and Raspberry Pi

It’s possible to uncover or create some really knotty problems when porting applications to a new environment, whether that’s on-premise or in the cloud. More and more organisations are looking to move to the new Arm v8 server so we decided to take a look at what

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