Can we use machine learning to learn about machines?

This blog was originally published on InsideHPC.  AI and machine learning are hot words at the moment in many sectors. We’re all very aware just how much a company can predict about us by plugging information into a cunning algorithm and there are thousands of start-ups racing

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Video: Breeze demo featuring the traffic light view

To show off the shiny new traffic light view that is now included in Breeze (as well as in the Healthcheck report and in Mistral), we’ve recorded a new demo video. Take a look at the video for a tour of all the different ways that Breeze

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How to improve write performance for machine learning on AWS – by 4x!

This blog has been put together by Ellexus CEO Dr Rosemary Francis, Gaurav Kaul, Professional Services Senior Consultant HPC at AWS and Dario LaPorta, Senior Consultant HPC at AWS. A customer of AWS wanted to scale their machine learning workload to hundreds of thousands of machine instances.

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What we want to learn at DAC

This year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco is underway and it’s a big one for the IT world – for the first time, the event includes an Infrastructure Alley. This addition to the annual event shows how IT infrastructure is now being taken more seriously

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Video: The 10 commandments of good I/O

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is good I/O? You might have a rough idea, but there are several foolproof steps you can take to speed up performance. Ellexus CEO Rosemary gave the following talk at an IBM Spectrum Scale event in London: The 10 Commandments of

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