Check your containers with Healthcheck

Even if you have packaged an application that works well, it’s still possible to introduce I/O problems in the way a program is deployed. This is why it’s important to check your containers.

The tools from Ellexus can tell you what you need to include in a container image and can check the I/O patterns of the container when it has been built. You can even use our tools to check third party images to make sure that they are behaving as you would expect.

Ellexus Healthcheck runs dozens of tests looking for bad I/O patterns that could harm the performance of your applications.

By giving you all this information in one simple report that makes recommendations about how to optimise the container, every developer can become an I/O expert.

Need more container help? Generate Dockerfiles with Breeze

Breeze DockerGen makes it easy to ‘dockerize’ your applications by automatically generating the Dockerfile from runtime dependencies. Breeze turns the install process into a one-click operation: just pass in the command to run your application and Breeze will output a Dockerfile with all the install layers, network and filesystem dependencies included.

No need to work out which packages and files your applications needs – Breeze will do it for you. It takes all the hard work out of distributing your application in a controlled environment.