CIUK: Only lacking a Christmas tree

This year’s Computing Insight UK (CIUK) in Manchester was yet again a well-attended event, despite falling in the run up to Christmas. Although it is in some respects one of the smaller events on our calendar, it is attended by the most pivotal and informed members of the UK’s high performance computing industry.

In particular, CIUK provides an excellent venue for those in the industry to consolidate their thoughts after Supercomputing. It’s an opportunity for vendors to catch up and plan for the new year.

Our suggestions to improve the show next year: add a Christmas tree. And a secret Santa.  

Rosemary’s talk: Tuning I/O and storage sizing for the cloud

Ellexus was proud to again sponsor CIUK. Our CEO Rosemary gave an insightful talk entitled ‘Tuning I/O and sizing storage for the cloud with the Sanger Institute’. Download the talk slides here. 

As suggested by the title, the slides detailed some work we have carried out to tune I/O for the Sanger Institute on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Rosemary also presented the talk at an AWS Life Sciences workshop in London in November.

Storage sizing is vital when an organisation is looking to migrate workloads to the cloud. Organisations can waste a huge amount of resources if the wrong storage is picked.

In this case, it became clear after profiling that the Sanger’s pipeline didn’t need to be run on AWS’ fastest storage option. The team could happily select a cheaper storage option and get the performance they required – in fact, they saved 10% of cloud costs for the project by not picking the fastest storage.

The fact that Rosemary’s talk was well-attended indicated the level of interest across the HPC industry in cloud storage. We expect to hear much more on this subject at next year’s CIUK.