Ellexus Mistral is ‘ready for IBM storage’

Our work to integrate our always-on monitoring tool Mistral with analytics from IBM Spectrum Scale and Spectrum LSF has been given the Ready for IBM Storage validation.

The validation refers to the Mistral plug-in that combines LSF job analytics with per-job storage information from Mistral for a whole system overview.

There are several ways that you can use this product integration to your advantage:

  • IBM Spectrum LSF: detecting rogue jobs with Mistral – Mistral is launched on all jobs via an LSF job starter and will notify admins if a job exceeds I/O limits
  • IBM Spectrum LSF: profiling I/O to solve problems before they happen – Set up a special Mistral queue to healthcheck applications before they are run at scale
  • IBM Spectrum LSF Data Manager: dependency detection with BreezeBreeze can give you a complete list of files making it easy to configure the data manager
  • IBM Spectrum LSF RTM – Mistral has been integrated with RTM so you can see analytics easily
  • LSF Docker workflow: Use Breeze to automatically generate your dockerfiles – Breeze detects application file and network dependencies to make it easy to configure your docker environment
  • IBM Spectrum Scale: Mistral I/O data integration – Mistral gives you per-job I/O data that you can integration with Spectrum Scale analytics in RTM or using Grafana.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our integrations, not just with IBM’s tools but with many other tools.