Ellexus offers commercial support for XALT

Ellexus has widened its product expertise by adding commercial support for XALT.

XALT is a tool that allows supercomputer support staff to collect and understand job-level information about the libraries and executables that end-users access during their jobs. The tool also works with a system’s module software to provide additional information about module usage.

XALT is a collaboration between Mark Fahey of the University of Chicago and Robert McLay of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Ellexus’ move to work with Mark and Robert forms part of our commitment to open source technology and collaboration.

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Come and talk to us if you would like help installing and running XALT. We offer a further range of professional services including custom integration and bug fixing.

XALT can be used in combination with Mistral to understand the I/O patterns of the jobs on your cluster, as well as the dependency information from XALT.

It’s always a beautiful day when two software providers realise a certain synergy and discover a way to work together.

Find out more about XALT on the TACC website.