The emergence of software defined storage

There seems to be no slowing in the growth of resource requirements for data-intensive applications in domains such as genome sequencing. As a result, a new way to group tools has emerged: software defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions.

SDI handles the offering and provision of resources through software, independent of the underlying hardware. Using these solutions results in removing hardware dependencies and offers seamless resource management, which can further enable reliable work flows.

The software defined storage (SDS) is the component of an SDI that covers the storage management of such a system.

Within the SDS layer, Mistral, our tool for load balancing shared storage, is usually integrated to enable policy based access to the storage. This is a safety mechanism against potentially damaging usage and a way to track down storage bottlenecks of jobs in real time. It also results in a good quality of service of the SDS and easy management and debugging even for worst case scenarios.

Unlike other IO monitoring solutions, Mistral sits at the application layer to complement the analytics that you can get from your SDS platform. Mistral detects and protects your storage from harmful I/O patterns and rogue jobs that just can’t be detected at any other level.

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