Whitepaper: EDA in the cloud

New and exciting IT infrastructure technologies are widely gaining adoption outside EDA. But what core capabilities do EDA companies need to adopt in order to embrace these new opportunities, such as that presented by hybrid cloud?

At the 2019 Design Automation Conference (DAC), HPC Pros held a workshop called ‘Storage, profiling, containerisation and cloud for EDA’. Ellexus CEO Rosemary was one presenter, alongside Sylabs and Rescale, who outlined how companies should look to take advantage of the flexibility and performance that public compute resources can offer.

From the workshop, Ellexus and HPC Pros have created the whitepaper ‘EDA in the cloud: Containerisation, migration and system telemetry’. The paper discusses how to put in place a plan to approach the cloud, ensuring that key business objectives are met as workflows are adapted and migrated. You can read HPC Pros’ blog about the whitepaper on their website.

The paper includes a case study from Qualcomm, where Ellexus Breeze has been deployed as a service to help users prepare and migrate workflows from an on-premise environment to a hybrid cloud setup.