IBM reference architecture version one: Mistral and RTM

Ellexus has been working with IBM to put together a reference architecture with Mistral and the Spectrum Compute and Storage product suites.

Rosemary presented the first version of this at IBM Edge and at Super Computing this year with good reception. The idea is to use Mistral to identify LSF jobs that are harming the storage by monitoring for bad I/O patterns. By adding this into the Spectrum Compute offering a user can really get a whole overview of what the system is doing.

As a first step we’ve integrated the data that Mistral produces with LSF RTM, the LSF analytics platform, and also with InfluxDB and Grafana. This means you can view job-specific information as well as a live and historic view of what the system is doing.

You can already view data from Spectrum Scale in Grafana and in LSF RTM so adding in the job-level I/O analytics was the obvious step.

Version one of the RTM-Mistral plugin is now available from IBM. We are trailing this with a few customers so if you’d like to give it a go then do get in touch.