Interview: ‘Tech refined at ARM targets HPC I/O bottlenecks’

Next platformOur CEO Rosemary gave an exclusive interview to The Next Platform.

Published 15 February 2016

“As an FPGA engineer and developer located in a vibrant semiconductor and biotech center like the University of Cambridge in the UK, Rosemary Francis has been able to track new developments and emerging needs of both industries in real-time. For those two areas in particular, understanding I/O issues at scale and putting a stop to them before they nested deeper in systems are big problems. As she began to see the connections between such system problems at various UK companies and institutes, her small team began engineering around the problem, founding Ellexus along the way.

“In her work with Commsonic, Simba HPC, ARM, and others, Francis quickly noticed how much money semiconductor designers were spending on software tools that simply didn’t work—not because they were buggy, she says, but rather, because of their complexity and the weighty IT infrastructure required to support them. One mistake or misunderstanding brought the entire system down…”

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