Mistral to feature at the International Parallel Data Systems Workshop at SC19

*** UPDATE: Read the the full copy of the paper here ***

SC19 is nearly upon us! Ellexus is delighted to be featured in a paper that will be presented at the fourth International Parallel Data Systems Workshop, held on Monday 18th November during SC19.

The paper, titled “Profiling Platform Storage Using IO500 and Mistral’, has been put together by four members of Sandia National Laboratories: Nolan Monnier, Jay Lofstead, Margaret Lawson and Matthew Curry. It details a project using IO500 and Mistral from Ellexus to observe detailed performance characteristics to inform tuning IO performance on Astra, an ARM-based Sandia machine with an all flash, Lustre-based storage.

The aim of this one-day event is to promote and stimulate researchers’ interactions to address some of the most critical challenges for scientific data storage, management, devices and processing infrastructure for both traditional compute intensive simulations and data-intensive high performance computing (HPC) solutions.

Many scientific problem domains continue to be extremely data intensive. Traditional HPC systems and the programming models for using them such as MPI were designed from a compute-centric perspective with an emphasis on achieving high floating point computation rates. But processing, memory and storage technologies have not kept pace and there is a widening performance gap between computation and the data management infrastructure.

Data management has become the performance bottleneck for a significant number of applications targeting HPC systems. A fine grained performance analysis tool such as Mistral is becoming increasingly essential for users to be able to understand detailed storage system performance for better informed tuning.

The paper will be presented at 4:20pm during the workshop. To register, visit the SC19 website.

The Ellexus team is attending SC19 and we look forward to meeting our customers and partners. If you’d like to meet up with someone from Ellexus at SC19, email Kaya@ellexus.com.