Mistral wins ‘Product of the Year’

160415 Cam Lab Ring awardEllexus has scooped a highly prestigious award for our new I/O profiling tool Mistral – Product of the Year 2016 at the Cambridge Computer Lab Ring annual awards.

Previous winners of the award, which is given to graduates of the University’s Computer Lab, include such successful products as Raspbery Pi, RealVNC and Swift Key.

The win for Mistral was announced at an awards dinner on 13th April by Andy Hopper, head of the Computer Lab, and presented by Hermann Hauser, KBE, to an audience of Cambridge Computer Lab alumni. Each year the dinner attracts those who have gone on to make the biggest impact in technology and business.

Unikernel, recently purchased by Docker, scooped the Best Company and Best Paper awards; the CEO of Unikernel, Anil Madhavapeddy, collected the Best Company award and Unikenel developer Amir Chaudhry collected the Best Paper award.

“We are absolutely delighted to have won this award!” said Rosemary, Ellexus CEO. “Each year the award is given to a really well-respected product that demonstrates pioneering technology proven to have had a big impact on its target market, so we are thrilled to be among their number.

“Mistral was launched in January to a queue of international companies waiting to license it, as it solves a problem that everyone in the high performance computing industry faces. We have high hopes that the product will reach similar levels of success achieved by other winners of the Product of the Year award.”

For more information about Mistral visit our products page.