New year’s resolutions to prep your work environment

It’s that time of year when we think about how we can learn from the mistakes of the past and make the future a better place for ourselves and for those around us. Are you going to take up running? Eat less chocolate? Learn to love vegetables? Or are you going to finally master the violin?

For those of us in HPC here are some suggestions for how you can prep your work environment for the challenges that will come this year.

  1. Start understanding your workloads with low-impact monitoring. Whether you opt for a drop-in solution like Ellexus Mistral or whether you prefer something a bit more home grown, system telemetry has to be a part of every architecture.
  2. Improve the quality of running applications with effective and simple workflow qualification. The best test framework will include checks for problems you’ve seen before (regression tests), tests for basic functionality (unit tests) and industry standard tests to ensure that the applications you run are at least as good as the applications your competitor is running. The Ellexus Breeze suite brings that impartial standard to find bottlenecks and performance issues, to eliminate configuration problems and to ensure application correctness.
  3. Triage problems more quickly by putting processes in place to share application information between users and IT. Technology by itself is never the answer. At Ellexus we’ve seen the best use of our tools in organisations who have embedded key capabilities into working practices. For example, one of our customers has guidelines where users can’t raise an IT ticket without having checked their application environment with Breeze first: do they have the right programs installed? The right libraries? This empowers users to be able to solve simple problems quickly by themselves, freeing up IT for more tricky issues.

Whatever your challenges and wins for 2020 will be, from all the team at Ellexus we wish you a Happy New Year.