Product release: All new traffic light system to flag up the bad I/O you should care about

This week’s new release of our tools Breeze and Mistral is even more exciting than usual. The version introduces our much-anticipated new visual aid, which shows users exactly how much good, bad and average I/O their applications are doing.

This new view is aimed to simplify how users can digest the information generated our tools even further. In Breeze, findings are displayed using the traffic light colours red, yellow and green on the chart, which allows for easier communication with non-expert users and cuts down the time it takes to identify a particularly resource-heavy job. A chart that is predominantly red stands out like a sore thumb.

Mistral can now produce the same type of chart for whole system monitoring. The tool adds up the numbers for each program and outputs a chart detailing how much time has been spent using the red/yellow/green system. This lets the user identify low-hanging fruit easily and ignore bad I/O that isn’t actually causing a problem.

Other changes in this product update include:

  • New graphs to display profiling data in Breeze
  • New summary sections in the Healthcheck report
  • Significant performance improvements for all our tools.

More details and information about numerous other updates can be found here.

As always, please send us your feedback on the updates.