Ellexus products

Ellexus’ tool suites Breeze and Mistral are used by IT managers and engineers involved in high performance computing around the world to ensure their applications are using a cluster as they should.

Protect your storage from bad I/O patterns and rogue jobs.

Load balance your storage to improve quality of service.

Optimise applications for the storage and infrastructure for the jobs.

Load balancing for shared storage


Mistral runs in real time across an entire compute cluster. It monitors application I/O and I/O performance across a cluster in order to identify rogue jobs and load balance shared storage by automatically throttling I/O in problem jobs and applications.
Mistral data sheet (PDF)

File system profiling and tuning

Breeze HPC

Optimise your HPC applications by making better use of your shared file system. Breeze analyses how your applications are using your storage so you can cut down on wasted processor cycles and reduce the load on the network.

Breeze also gives you the information you need to solve software deployment problems and resolve file dependencies quickly. It forms a common language that enables IT managers and application engineers to work together with R&D.
Breeze data sheet (PDF)

Automatically generate Dockerfiles from running programs

Breeze DockerGen

Breeze Dockerfile Generator automatically ‘Dockerizes’ your applications by detecting runtime dependencies and generating a Dockerfile for you to turn into a Docker container.

We make every engineer an I/O expert

Ellexus Healthcheck

We’ve combined the analytics from our I/O profiling product suites with our expertise in good I/O to create a new tool: Ellexus Healthcheck. The tool tells you simply and quickly what you should fix first in your code.
Ellexus Healthcheck data sheet (PDF)

Track jobs on your cluster

Breeze *Trace


Ellexus offers commercial support for Xalt, an open source tool that can be used with Mistral to gain a complete understanding of the jobs running on your cluster.