Breeze Healthcheck

We turn every engineer into an I/O expert

We’ve combined the analytics from our I/O profiling product suites with our expertise in good I/O to create a simple, quick solution: Breeze Healthcheck.

In an ideal world, no one should have to have to care about the way they access data, but in reality I/O patterns can have a big impact on performance. Our I/O profiling tools tell you where the problem is so that you can fix it.

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 Download the Breeze Healthcheck datasheet

One simple report

Breeze Healthcheck provides a simple report that tells you what you should fix first in your code.

It analyses dozens of different harmful I/O patterns and gives you the top ten worst offenders and the impact they are having on the performance of your application and the scalability.

Customer case study

Profiling genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute

Ellexus profiled one of the genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute with Mistral to look for inefficient I/O patterns. Read the full blog.

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