Breeze profiles file I/O and resolves application dependencies

Linux tools often work for one user and not for another, or on one machine and not on another. Breeze forms a common platform to enable IT managers and product engineers to work together and solve problems more quickly.

Complex software often runs well on a local machine, but fails to scale when moved to your HPC cluster. Even when the IT infrastructure has been designed well, it is easy for third-party tools and scripted flows to store files in the wrong place. Breeze profiles your applications to enable you to tune your environment and optimise your file system use.

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Profiling file and network I/O

Profiling file and network I/O

Breeze tells you:

  • Which files have been accessed by your program
  • Which network locations have been accessed by your program
  • How much data has been read or written
  • How many meta-data operations such as move() or create() your program has performed
  • … and much more

This makes it quick and easy to check whether an application has been configured correctly and to see the impact it will have on your file system when you run it at scale.

Traffic Light Report

Traffic Light Report

NEW FEATURE: The traffic light view in Breeze shows how much good, bad and average I/O an application is doing. Each issue is flagged as red, yellow or green, giving a straightforward snapshot of where the job is wasting most time.

Use Breeze to identify bottlenecks quickly and spend time fixing only the most pressing problems.

Customer case study

Profiling applications for ARM HPC IT Department

ARM has a tiered storage architecture which makes it important to ensure that jobs and tool flows do not spend too long waiting while a file is fetched. Accessing the file system unnecessarily can slow down the network and affect other jobs.

Before tools and scripted flows are allowed to run on the main cluster, they are checked on a smaller practice cluster with Breeze. The initial benefits of using Breeze were seen immediately. ARM is now able to sign off new flows more quickly and more safely.

“We are looking forward to catching problems before they happen by profiling our flows with Breeze. Long term we expect to see significant gains from more accurate prediction of our network and file system load and an overall reduction in traffic.”

Julien Palleau, Director of Engineering IT at ARM

Breeze HPC Cofiguration quality - Ellexus

Dependency analysis and system debugging

Often find yourself fighting with strace? Switch to using Breeze instead and then automate your configuration checks.

Breeze visualises your scripted hierarchy and lets you drill down to see arguments and environment settings.

Our engineers can help you to implement configuration quality checks on your applications to ensure they are using your storage correctly and not wasting time or causing bottlenecks. This can be done as a one-off diagnosis or as longer-term improvements.

Cloud migration made easy

Check which files have been sourced and what has been used by your application or included in your build.

Check application libraries and file dependencies to make sure that there isn’t anything that shouldn’t be there.

You can use the list of dependencies to solve installation problems and migrate your applications to the cloud or a container platform easily.

Customer case study

HPC and customer support at ANSYS

“We bought Breeze to help us to diagnose problems caused by missing dependencies at customer sites. These kinds of problems are easy to recognise, but time-consuming to resolve without the visibility that Breeze gives us.

“Breeze allows us to trace our applications at customer sites, making it easy to look up which libraries have been found and which ones are missing. I was impressed with what it showed us and the time it will save us in troubleshooting these sorts of issues”

Simon Cross, Manager – Global Installation & Licensing Support, ANSYS

Breeze AP: Integrate Breeze into your work flows

The Breeze Automation Platform offers a full solution to integrate Breeze Insight and Breeze HPC into your compute infrastructure.

You can run automatic checks on your IT setup to be assured of high-quality configuration and long-term system compliance. The Breeze Automation Platform gives you full access to tracing and profiling data so you can write your own custom queries. By integrating the Breeze Automation Platform into your working practices, you can solve problems before they become a problem.