Application monitoring for hybrid cloud

At Ellexus we understand the unique challenges posed by HPC in the cloud.

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Ellexus unlocks the benefits of hybrid cloud

The agility of the cloud can only be exploited if you have good visibility into applications, both on-prem and in the cloud. When you deploy HPC and other scientific applications to the cloud, you need to be able to understand I/O patterns, resource use and system performance in order to tune and manage elastic services.

Ellexus provides

  • Unrivalled visibility into I/O patterns and compute
  • Discovery of application file dependencies
  • Insight for containerisation and migration
  • Lightweight profiling tools for sizing and tuning cloud resources at scale
  • System telemetry to monitor application behaviour and system performance
  • The ability to understand the impact of change
  • The tools to maintain performance and cost efficiency as you scale

Hybrid cloud delivers

  • Flexible compute that can be tuned to match application needs
  • Rapid prototyping and agile deployment
  • Sandboxing for problem workloads to improve on-prem efficiency
  • Managed services that leave you time to innovate
  • A platform that allows you to plan instead of react

Three steps to being fast, agile and cloud ready

Up to 50% of cloud resources are wasted. A large part of that is costs related to badly chosen storage. Don’t waste time and money – get it right first time instead.


1. Dependency analysis

Use Breeze to automate your go-to-cloud strategy through dependency analysis. Discover what you need for legacy applications and automatically containerise workloads.

2. Profile I/O patterns

Which files should be on local storage? Which data should be on object store? Breeze will give you everything you need to make these decisions by profiling bandwidth and meta-data patterns.

3. Deploy live system telemetry

Deploy Mistral on-prem and in the cloud with dashboards for operational visibility and a data pipeline for business intelligence.


Make flexible compute a reality with Ellexus and AWS

Ellexus is an AWS partner with solutions also verified for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The Ellexus telemetry for scientific applications integrates seamlessly with AWS cloudwatch and managed open source solutions to make it easy to build data pipelines for operations and business intelligence.

Find out more about how to build a hybrid cloud solution with AWS and Ellexus