Cloud migration

Automate your go-to-cloud strategy

Application migration takes an average of 15 weeks. Cut that down to days!

Resolve application file and network dependencies.

Automatically containerise your workloads.

Cut costs by understanding I/O patterns and sizing the storage correctly.

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Take control of flexible compute costs with Breeze and Mistral

Making the most of hybrid cloud with cross-platform analytics

In hybrid cloud environments it becomes even more important to understand application requirements. To ensure that everything is run in the right environment, without wasted resources, users can be held accountable for what they run.

  • Cut costs by understanding I/O patterns and sizing the storage correctly with Breeze.
  • Ensure that applications run on the right platform and that cloud storage is sized correctly with Mistral.
  • Use Mistral to easily keep track of projects and user chargeback with telemetry that logs what is running where, as well as its impact on shared resources.

Cloud migration and tuning case studies

Three steps to being fast, agile and cloud ready

Up to 50% of cloud resources are wasted. A large part of that is costs related to badly chosen storage. Don’t waste time and money – get it right first time instead.

1. Dependency Analysis

Use Breeze to automate your go-to-cloud strategy through dependency analysis. Discover what you need for legacy applications and automatically containerise workloads.

2. Profile I/O patterns

Which files should be on local storage? Which data should be on object store? Breeze will give you everything you need to make these decisions by profiling bandwidth and meta-data patterns.

3. Architect the solution and tune performance

Design a storage solution that suits your applications, requirements and budget and profile it in the cloud to tune for performance.

Make flexible compute a reality with vendor-neutral telemetry

Ellexus are AWS partners with solutions also verified for Google cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Deploy a single view across any on-premise or cloud estate for real insight into how the compute is working for you.