Check your container with Ellexus Container Checker

You’ve made your Docker container: how does it run? What files are in it? Will it work in your new environment? Are there security problems? Is it wasting time and money?

Generate a simple, quick report on the I/O performance of the applications within your Docker container using Ellexus Container Checker.

Try the tool now on AWS Marketplace.

Download the Container Checker user guide 2.11.0

Gain visibility into the workings of your container

Using Container Checker is simple: spin up the tool on your AWS machine, run the trace and receive your report.

I/O performance

Small reads and writes? Excess meta data operations? Discover all the flaws that are bringing your application to a standstill – and costing you in wasted cloud spend.

Dependencies and security

What files does my application need to run? Are they inside the container or outside? Make sure you have everything you need and the container doesn’t access files or network locations that it shouldn’t.


Where is your application wasting time? Should you use a different cloud set-up? Find out if your container is time waster.

Generate a simple report

Container Checker is currently available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace and will be on more cloud platforms soon.

Try Container Checker now on AWS Marketplace.