We turn every engineer into an I/O expert

We’ve combined the analytics from our I/O profiling product suites with our expertise in good I/O to create a simple, quick solution: Ellexus Healthcheck.

Using Ellexus Healthcheck, IT managers can hand over the responsibility for good I/O to the users, who can find the problem and fix it themselves. The tool can also be integrated into a company’s software release structure or workflow qualification to catch bad I/O before it becomes a problem.

In an ideal world, no one should have to have to care about the way they access data, but in reality I/O patterns can have a big impact on performance. Our I/O profiling tools tell you where the problem is so that you can fix it.

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 Download the Ellexus Healthcheck datasheet

One simple report

Ellexus Healthcheck produces a simple report that tells the user what an application is doing wrong and why. The tool analyses dozens of different harmful I/O patterns and gives the top ten worst offenders and the impact they are having on the performance of your application and the scalability.

As well as looking for bad I/O patterns, Ellexus Healthcheck will profile the performance of the IT infrastructure such as file system and network latency. Checks carried out by Ellexus Healthcheck include:

  • Files or programs used in someone else’s home directory and other hard coded paths that shouldn’t be there
  • Lots of small temporary files saved on shared storage or not deleted
  • Programs that make very small reads and writes or very large reads and writes
  • Programs that stat() or open() lots of files without using them.

The Ellexus Healthcheck report contains information about how much time is spent carrying out I/O so you can see how the performance of the file system and network is affecting your application.