Mistral - Load balancing for share storage
Mistral - Load balancing for share storage

Live system monitoring and I/O profiling at scale

Mistral is a lightweight profiling tool for full system telemetry or wide scale profiling.

Protect shared storage from rogue jobs and noisy neighbour applications by running Mistral in production.

Run as part of a QA or continuous integration framework to find bad I/O patterns

Download the Mistral data-sheet 2.13.3


Case studies


Storage protection at ARM

“The data and system control provided by Mistral allows the infrastructure teams to prevent risky I/O patterns and give us a lot more information to learn from.”

Olly Stephens, Engineering Systems Architect at ARM

Catching bad I/O patterns

“We really like Mistral – it’s really smart. We have nearly eliminated rogue jobs on the cluster.”

Director DevOps, Silicon Valley software company

Profiling containers

“Singularity containers for high performance and AI, coupled with the tools from Ellexus, provide critical insights into application life cycle and tuning.”

Greg Kurtzer, CEO Sylabs, Founder of Singularity and CentOS


Take control of the way applications access data

Mistral can be deployed in production, in test or as a one-off system healthcheck. By following our best practices you can ensure that your applications and infrastructure are fast, agile and cloud ready.

Mistral - Traffic light report
Mistral - System Telemetry

Collect per-job read, write and meta data metrics

Set different policies for different file systems

Analyse system trends for specific jobs, users, groups or projects

Integrated with Grafana, InfluxDB, Elastic search, Splunk and more for live system overview

Throttle problem applications by setting IOP and bandwidth limits

Benchmark in production for procurement and scaling


How much time are you spending in good and bad I/O?

  • Run a system wide I/O healthcheck to find out how much time is spent in good and bad I/O
  • System-wide dashboard for live overview: Integrate with existing analytics framework easily
  • Deploy Mistral in your QA test environment to prevent bad I/O from reaching production.
  • Allow users to opt in to more detailed I/O profiling to check performance and application scalability.
  • Customisable reports based on individual applications, users, groups or projects.