Mistral - Load balancing for share storage
Mistral - Load balancing for share storage

Live system telemetry and I/O monitoring

Mistral is a lightweight application monitoring tool for HPC and scientific compute.

Protect shared storage from rogue jobs and noisy neighbour applications with per-job I/O monitoring.

Catch problems before they happen with workflow qualification at scale.

Monitor system health with telemetry from every node and application.

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Take control of the way applications access data

Mistral can be deployed in production, in test or as a one-off system healthcheck. By following our best practices you can ensure that your applications and infrastructure are fast, agile and cloud ready.

Mistral - Traffic light report Mistral - System Telemetry

How much time are you spending in bad I/O?

Collect per-job read, write and meta data metrics

Measure file system performance and load in real time

Analyse system trends for specific workloads, users, groups or projects

Integrated with Grafana, InfluxDB, Elastic search, Splunk and more

Throttle problem applications by setting IOP and bandwidth QoS limits

Benchmark in production for procurement and scaling