Tool resources

If you are new to Breeze, please watch our short training video before taking a look at the resources below.

All our users can contact us any time by emailing Support and a member of our support team will get back to you.

If your company has a licence, but you don’t know how to access it, then please contact Support from your work email account and we will put you in touch with the licence owner.


Get an overview of what Breeze can do in these one-page datasheets.

Breeze datasheet
BreezeAP datasheet

User manuals

Find detailed information on how to use Breeze in the user manuals:

Breeze User Manual

Breeze user manual 2.9.3

Breeze DockerGen User Manual

Breeze DockerGen user manual 2.9.3

Breeze TraceOnly User Manual

The following manual has detailed information on how to trace applications using Breeze HPC and Breeze TraceOnly. This is a reference for those using Breeze HPC as well as those who don’t have a licence for Breeze HPC, but want to trace someone for someone working remotely such as a Field Application Engineer.

Breeze TraceOnly user manual 2.9.3

Breeze user guide for field application engineers and their customers

The following document is for Application Engineers who are working with a customer. This guide contains step by step instructions for your customers so they can trace the problem application and send you the trace data for analysis. Use in conjunction with the Breeze TraceOnly manual.

Breeze user guide for FAEs

Mistral User Manual

Mistral user manual 2.9.3