I/O monitoring: IT and infrastructure

Catching rogue jobs and storage benchmarking

In a compute cluster with shared storage it is possible for a small number of jobs to overload the network or file system. Our tools protect the file system by automatically detecting rogue jobs that are overloading the cluster.

Storage benchmarking is also a key feature of our tools. Through latency analysis, we record the total delay seen by the application so you can track down problems in your network or storage quickly. Whether you are assessing the performance of a new storage system or trying to locate a problem in your existing infrastructure, we have the benchmarking for you.

Products that provide I/O monitoring


Mistral runs in real time across an entire compute cluster, monitoring application I/O and I/O performance to identify rogue jobs and load balance shared storage.

Breeze HPC

Breeze analyses how your applications are using your storage so you can cut down on wasted processor cycles and reduce the load on the network. It also gives you the information you need to solve software deployment problems and resolve file dependencies quickly.

Ellexus Healthcheck

Simple, immediate checks that analyse dozens of different harmful I/O patterns and give you the top ten worst offenders, as well as the impact they are having on the performance of your application and the scalability.

Customer case study

Ring fencing areas of your file system

Most customers have file-system polices to protect the performance and different capacity areas of the file system. Some areas should be off limits to certain jobs, but it’s hard to enforce that.

Mistral has been helping one of our customers to do this. They’ve set rules in Mistral to send an alert when just 1byte of data is read or written to one of the off-limit file system areas. It’s then very straightforward to contact the user and ask them to fix the job because Mistral tells you which job, which user, which program and which file was being accessed.

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