We turn every engineer into an I/O expert

In an ideal world, no one should have to care about the way they access data, but in reality I/O patterns can have a big impact on performance. With our tools R&D engineers can run I/O checks alongside their static analysis tools and debuggers.

The size of reads and writes, the default locations for data and arrangement of temporary files can affect the performance of your application as well as the performance of other applications sharing network and storage devices. Our tools look at the scalability of your application as well as its performance in isolation.

Download the benchmarking datasheet.

Products that provide I/O profiling

Ellexus Healthcheck

Ellexus Healthcheck turns every engineer into and I/O expert. Simple, immediate checks that analyse dozens of different harmful I/O patterns and give you the top ten worst offenders, as well as the impact they are having on the performance of your application and the scalability.

Breeze HPC

Breeze analyses how your applications are using your storage so you can cut down on wasted processor cycles and reduce the load on the network. It also gives you the information you need to solve software deployment problems and resolve file dependencies quickly.


Mistral can be used to profile I/O across large applications or even your whole cluster. It can pick up on peaks in I/O activity as well as bad I/O patterns that harm your storage on a daily basis.

Customer case studies

Profiling genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute

Ellexus profiled one of the genome pipelines at the Sanger Institute with Mistral to look for inefficient I/O patterns. Read the full blog.

Profiling applications for ARM HPC IT Department

Accessing the file system unnecessarily can slow down the network and affect other jobs. Before tools and scripted flows are allowed to run on the main cluster, they are checked on a smaller practice cluster with Breeze. Read the full blog.