Take control of the system

Ellexus tools form an I/O rescue service, providing solutions that range from detailed dependency analysis to whole cluster monitoring.

Your customers can use our I/O profiling tools to take control of the way they access their data, while their users can healthcheck their I/O to maintain good performance and spot bad I/O before it happens. You can also use our tools when providing consultancy services to find out what is going wrong.

Products for system integrators

All of our tools are available as software packages, but Mistral can also be deployed as an appliance. Mistral can be configured to monitor and throttle I/O through an NFS gateway such as Ganesha or through an SMB client.

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Customer case study

Deploying Mistral on an Open Stack cluster

Mistral can be deployed on applications directly to monitor and load balance access to shared storage, but you may not have control over what is installed on a virtual machine (VM) when running in an Open Stack environment.

In this scenario a customer decided to let users access the shared storage through an NFS gateway such as Ganesha and deploy Mistral to the gateway instead. Mistral reports I/O stats and will load balance based on how much traffic and how many meta data operations come from each VM.