Solve installation and deployment problems quickly

Commonly, a program will work on one machine, but not on another, or for one user and not another.

Breeze gives you the information you need to solve installation and performance problems quickly and tune your applications for your IT setup. It forms a common language for IT managers, CAD users and software vendors to work together, taking the guesswork out of issue resolution. You can explore a scripted flow or complex application to understand and profile your infrastructure in detail.

Products to troubleshoot dependency problems

Breeze HPC

Complex software often runs well on a local machine, but fails to scale when moved to your HPC cluster. Even when the IT infrastructure has been designed well, it is easy for third-party tools and scripted flows to store files in the wrong place. Breeze profiles your applications to enable you to tune your environment and optimise your file system use.

Customer case study

HPC and customer support at ANSYS

“We bought Breeze to help us to diagnose problems caused by missing dependencies at customer sites. These kinds of problems are easy to recognise, but time-consuming to resolve without the visibility that Breeze gives us.

“Breeze allows us to trace our applications at customer sites, making it easy to look up which libraries have been found and which ones are missing. I was impressed with what it showed us and the time it will save us in troubleshooting these sorts of issues”

Simon Cross, Manager – Global Installation & Licensing Support, ANSYS