sViz: strace visualisation tool

We have used our trace visualisation expertise and some of the features of Breeze to make a visualisation engine for the popular open-source system tracer, strace. Now students and not-for-profit organisations can use our holistic system-overview graphs for free.

sViz processes the system calls gathered with straces in order to make the data easier to understand. sViz will show you a graph of each process or thread in your application as well as being able to filter calls for each process.

sviz strace

You can pull out program dependencies by selecting only open calls, you can monitor network activity by looking at network calls or you can see what your program has read by selecting read calls.

sViz is designed to be a lighter version of Breeze. It includes some of the search facilities and visualisation, but it doesn’t use the Breeze optimised trace and profiling engine or any of the more advanced search and compare features. If you are able to trace your application with strace, sViz provides a good starting point to understand your application under the hood.

Ellexus are the developers of Breeze, a Linux dependency tracing tool that shows you what your programs are doing as they run. You can quickly search trace data to trouble shoot a problem build or installation.