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Profiling Nextflow and Singularity: Scalable, reproducible scientific workflows

Containerisation is a powerful tool for encapsulating complex applications and their dependencies. They can ensure that results are reproducible and scalable. Genomic workflows are well suited to data-driven workflows, but until recently efforts to orchestrate multiple containers in a single pipeline were home grown and hard to

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Supercharging the Ellexus HPC monitoring tools with the Hartree Centre

Ellexus specialises in application monitoring tools for high performance computing (HPC). While many HPC clusters are run as farms for single-core applications, others utilise a combination of scheduler technologies and MPI libraries to run a single application – not just across many cores, but also across many

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Whitepaper: I/O profiling to improve DL_POLY, achieving an 8% improvement for molecular dynamics

Ellexus is working with the team at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre to assess and improve the performance of a number of commonly used high performance computing (HPC) applications. The Hartree Centre provides some of the most advanced HPC, data and AI technologies

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