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v2.13.2 Release notes and manuals

We’re excited to announce release v2.13.2 of our products. Highlights of this release include memory and processor statistics in Mistral, new program specific MPI, Network and Directory views in Breeze and mmap operation counts in the files view. This release also includes numerous other improvements and bug

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Managing HPC systems: When to use I/O profiling

I/O profiling is not just about improving performance. It is also about understanding I/O patterns so you can make the right choices about your storage infrastructure. Whether you have an on-prem system, a cloud system or a hybrid cloud system, understanding application I/O patterns and resource use

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Whitepaper: Saving 10% of project costs for the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s cloud-based genomics pipelines

Using the I/O profiling tools from Ellexus, the Wellcome Sanger Institute has saved both time and money during a highly complex and valuable project. As a result of the work with Ellexus, the Institute discovered that it could save a significant 10% of project costs by choosing

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