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POP Webinar: Implementing I/O Best Practices to Improve System Performance with Ellexus

On 11th September, our CEO Rosemary held a live webinar with POP, the Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence in Computing Applications. She explained common I/O problems and best practices to implement easy performance wins. She outlined I/O profiling for improving application performance as well as

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Video: Mistral demo v2.13.3

Mistral from Ellexus is the leading application monitoring tool for HPC and scientific applications. It monitors I/O, CPU and memory, quickly locating rogue jobs, storage bottlenecks and keeping track of what is running on the clusters day-to-day. In this video Ellexus CEO Rosemary demonstrates Mistral. Get in

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Video: Breeze demo v2.13.3

Breeze is Ellexus tool for detailed dependency analysis and I/O profiling. for organisations involved in high performance computing. It gives you the information you need to solve deployment and performance problems quickly and tune your applications for your IT setup whether on-prem or in the cloud. It

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