v2.13.5 Release notes and manuals

We’re excited to announce release v2.13.5 of our products.

Highlights in this release include:

  • Improved performance in Mistral and Breeze, particularly when monitoring applications that open lots of small files.
  • Improved reporting of CPU and memory utilisation in Breeze.
  • New views in Breeze showing I/O patterns and performance next to CPU and memory
  • Improved tracking of rapidly changing mount points.

This release also includes numerous other improvements and bug fixes; you can read the full list of changes below:

User Manuals

It is important to note that Mistral was changed (in v2.13.4) to only collect data per mount point, rather than by arbitrary path and no longer combines all the data under /, rather reporting only operations for that mount point. As a result we would recommend updating your contract – the sample kitchen sink contract is a good place to start.